The first issue of Skylight 47 was published in January 2013 to celebrate ten years of Galway’s Over The Edge poetry readings in the City Library. It was only supposed to be a single issue, but founding editors Kevin O’Shea, Susan Lindsay and Nicki Griffin were so taken with what they had produced, they decided to carry on.

Our editors have changed: Bernie Crawford, Nicki Griffin and Ruth Quinlan are now at the helm of the publication. We are still associated with Over The Edge, which provides us with tremendous support.

Our newspaper format allows us room to spread our wings, and gives the work of our contributors space to breath. We hope at some point in the future to be able to pay all our writers as well as giving them a copy of the issue they appear in. Maybe one day the editors will be paid too! In the meantime we strive to produce the best magazine we can.

You can contact the Skylight 47 editing team directly at skylightpoets47@gmail.com.

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