Going to Print

Issue 13 is ready to be uploaded to Newspaper Club for printing!

We will be launching it on Zoom on 23 July at 6.30 pm, and are delighted to have award-winning poet Jane Robinson on board to read some of her wonderful poems and launch this edition of Skylight 47. More details coming soon!

We are excited to be publishing this issue, and are so gratified that you our readers are supporting us by pre-ordering online, giving us the confidence to go ahead with our usual number of copies.

We are, of course, still reliant on online sales, as we won’t be able to sell at our usual events.


Issue 13

For a while we weren’t sure whether to put together a print version of Issue 13, as we weren’t sure we would be able to sell it without a ‘proper’ launch and selling at events. But we’re going to do it! We hope you, our loyal readers, will buy copies online.

The difficulty is deciding how many to print. To help us with this decision, you can preorder here.

As usual we have new poems, a fabulous Masterclass, reviews and comment, plus great artwork.

Launch date to be announced soon.