Open Window Submissions

About the Open Window Project

As mentioned in our previous post, Skylight 47 will work with Over the Edge to create a dedicated reading stream within their annual New Writer Showcase event, which takes place during Cúirt. This reading stream will be called Open Window. It will provide a platform for writers or poets who identify as under-represented, giving their work an audience as part of a well-attended literary event and under the banner of the highly respected international festival that is Cúirt.

Flávia Simas was selected as our first reader for this event for the 2022 New Writer Showcase.

Project Inclusion Criteria

We are now already starting to look for writers and poets who can be mentored through the Open Window project in preparation for the 2023 New Writer Showcase! Those chosen for this project will take part in our writing development programme. This will include one-to-one mentoring in preparation for submitting work to Cúirt for the 2023 Showcase. One writer or poet will then be selected by Cúirt to read at the event.

There are a couple of ways in which we are gathering candidates for the project and the first is through submissions for Issue 16.

How can you take part? Take a look at the project inclusion criteria below:

  • You must identify as belonging to an under-represented community.
  • You must identify as an emerging poet.
  • You must be resident within the island of Ireland.

If you fulfill all of these criteria, then follow our submission guidelines for Issue 16, including one to two sentences in your bio about why you think you would be suitable for this project. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your work!


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