Fabulous Launch

Deirdre Hines has launched Skylight 47 for us in great style, and we thank her very much. We love the way she began:

It was when Dante began writing his Divine Comedy that the word ‘launch’ came into being. The pathway to the hallowed halls of many literary magazines can be as difficult to traverse as Dante’s nine circles of hell. But there is one magazine that has as its core ethos an equality of access that is democratic in its equalities of participation and outcomes. That magazine is Skylight 47, which since its inception nine years ago has been in the vanguard of what Heaney refers to in his poem of the same name:

‘But when the slates came off, extravagant sky entered and held surprise wide open.’

We know you will be surprised and delighted with Issue 15. You can buy your copy here.


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